General FAQ's

Where are your offices?

Fownd’s head office address is: Equipoint, 1506 – 1508 Coventry Road, Yardley, B25 8AD.

How do I contact you?

Telephone : 0845 46 36963
Fax : 0845 46 36964
On-Line :
Email Reservations and Enquiries :
General Support :

What are your opening times?
  • Monday 8.30am - 5.00pm
  • Tuesday 8.30am - 5.00pm
  • Wednesday 8.30am - 5.00pm
  • Thursday 8.30am - 5.00pm
  • Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm
  • Saturday - Closed (Deliveries maybe made between 9.00 am and 12.00pm)
  • Sunday - Closed
  • Public Holidays - Closed
What do you do?

Fownd is a vehicle hire agent and business support company. We are the leading on-line provider, purely focused on business-to-business vehicle hire.

How do I book a vehicle?

By using our state of the art online booking system ‘Fownd on Demand’. Your business can book a vehicle in seconds. Once we receive your request, we can process the booking and target the supplier that best meets your needs! To gain access to our online booking system, email us at and we will sort out your business account as quickly as possible.

What documentation will I need to provide at the point of vehicle delivery / pick-up?

Your driving licence card, paper counterpart and recent utility bill or passport.

No refunds will be given for rentals aborted due to non-production of a driving license or should you not meet any of the terms and conditions stated at the time of booking.

What if a problem arises?

Fownd implements strict quality control on all of their supplied services. If you feel there is a need to give feedback on any aspect of our service, then please contact us on 0845 46 36963 or email and we will be more than happy to help. Your feedback is important to us and we welcome it.

Fownd Ltd will respond to queries within 1 working day of receipt and resolve within a maximum of 5 working days. Urgent concerns should be reported to the operations team on 0845 46 36963 so that they can be dealt with immediately.

What are my responsibilities with the vehicle?

The vehicle is your responsibility whilst it is in your custody and care; it needs to be treated as you would treat your own vehicles in regards to maintenance, parking/speeding fines and general care. You have all the legal obligations as you would if you owned it.


  • Check the oil/water/battery/tyres on a daily basis
  • Have it serviced at the correct intervals
  • Keep it clean
  • Park it wisely and legally (Parking and Speeding fines will incur admin fees as well as the cost of the fine itself)
  • Enjoy your vehicle and drive it Safely.
If in doubt, please call us on 0845 46 36963 - We are here to Help!

What happens if I breakdown?

All Fownd rental vehicles are provided with a full 24-hour breakdown assistance service in the UK. All rental vehicles contain 24-hour breakdown/ emergency numbers and instructions. If any vehicles are supplied without emergency numbers Fownd should be notified immediately.

In the event of a breakdown the driver should call the numbers provided in the vehicle. These are normally on the key fob or on the back of the tax disc holder. Alternatively the paperwork provided when signing for your vehicle will give you further instructions.

The Hirer will be required to provide the following information:

  • Details of the vehicle make, model and registration number
  • Driver name
  • A description of the problem
  • Driver location and contact telephone number
Can you give any safety tips in the event of a breakdown?

It's important you remain calm when you have broken down, you're most likely next to a very busy road. Here are our top tips to help:

  • Switch on hazard warning lights
  • Try to get the vehicle safely off the road (don't try to push it)
  • If possible leave busy roads by the first available exit
  • If the vehicle is not situated safely, get out of the vehicle and stand a safe distance away from the traffic, this is a precaution against being struck by another vehicle. (ie when on the hard shoulder)
  • If you have a warning triangle, place it at least 100 meters behind the vehicle to warn approaching traffic
  • Leave any animals in the vehicle
  • Patrols cannot work on unattended vehicles so please return to where the vehicle is located when required
  • If you get going before the recovery agent arrives please ring them to let them know
  • If a garage vehicle arrives rather than the company you called only accept help if the mechanic has the details you provided to the operator. Always ask for identification.
What do we do in the event of an accident or if we sustain damage to the hired vehicle?

In the event of the vehicle receiving damage as the result of a accident or whilst it has been parked the customer must notify Fownd on 0845 46 36963 with details of the incident. This must not be left until the end of the hire as the police or 3rd party insurer, may contact Fownd for details of incidents that may have occurred. If Fownd have these details in advance, incidents can dealt with more effectively and efficiently for all parties involved.

If the damage is very minor (under the insurance excess), The Customer will have to pay for this directly. Call Fownd to inform us of the damage. When we collect the vehicle, the damage must be highlighted to the collection driver to ensure they can record the damage you are responsible for.

When the vehicle is returned to Fownd we will then provide you with an estimate of the repair.

The Customer is responsible for reporting any accident to the Police and to obtain an incident reference number and details of the officer concerned, e.g. name, rank and number etc.

Can you give some tips on things to remember in the event of an accident?
  • Stay calm
  • Obtain make and registration number(s) of other vehicle(s)
  • Obtain the names and addresses of all parties involved and details of their insurers
  • Obtain details of independent witnesses where possible
  • Note date, time, weather condition and precise location
  • Notify the police if any person is injured
  • If you have a mobile phone with a camera, take pictures of the damage and position of the vehicles
What is your refueling policy?

Vehicles must be returned with a full tank of fuel. Shortages will be recharged at the current published rate. Remember that you are still liable for the fuel used in delivering and collecting the vehicle.

What is your policy and process for Fixed Penalty Notices and fines?

The Customer must ensure that the vehicle complies with and is driven in accordance with Road Traffic Act legislation.

If a fixed penalty notice is received, it is the responsibility of The Customer to pay it promptly, Fownd will be notified if the fine remains unpaid.

The costs plus our administration fee (£35) will then recharged.

Fines and Fixed Penalty disputes must be undertaken after the Fine has been paid and direct with the issuing authority

What is the smoking policy in your vehicles?

Fownd vehicles are designated no smoking at all times. Smoking is not permitted by the driver, or any passenger at anytime.

Have a media request?

Including requests for local interviews – must be handled through Fownd's media relations team. Please call 0845 46 36963 or email for further information.

Driver Licence FAQ's

Can I hire a car or van if I have penalty points?

The driver must meet the following criteria to rent vehicles through Fownd.

  • The driver must hold a full UK drivers licence that was issued 12 months prior to the start of the rental. If the licence is endorsed the following restrictions apply:
    • IN10 – Acceptable after 4 years after date of offence.
    • UT endorsements are not accepted in any circumstances
    • DD/DR – Accepted after 5 years after date of offence.
    • CD – Acceptable after 5 years after date of offence
    • Two or more periods of disqualification for any offence are not accepted in any circumstances.
    • Any other conviction with a period of disqualification of 6 months or more – Acceptable after 5 years after the disqualification has ended.
I passed my test in the last year, can I hire a car or van?

Sorry, you have to have held your drivers licence for 12 months prior being able to hire a car or van.

What do the categories mean on my drivers licence?

To be able to drive a particular type of hire vehicle, you need an ‘entitlement’ for that category on your drivers licence. For up to date information please visit

My licence is currently away being updated by the DVLA, can I still rent?

Yes, but we will need to contact the DVLA to verify your information. There may be a charge for this. This is normally done via a call with your permission and has to be done in DVLA working hours. If your licence is away being updated, it is advisable to call and check prior to renting a car or van.

Further drivers licence questions?

Please visit for detailed information about UK driver licences.

Additional Services FAQ's

What is your refuelling policy?

Vehicles must be returned with a full tank of fuel. Shortages will be recharged at the current published rate. Remember that you are still liable for the fuel used in delivering and collecting the hire vehicle. (£1.99 per litre subject to change).

What is the cost to add an additional driver?

There is a charge of £16 for each additional driver.

Can I take my hire car or van one way?

Yes, there is an additional charge of £20.00 and it must be prearranged at the time of booking.

Can I take my hire car or van abroad?

Yes, there is an additional charge of £129.99 and it must be prearranged at the time of booking.

Can I have the hire vehicle delivered to / collected from me?

Yes, all our vehicle rentals are offered on this basis. Its calculated at the time of placing your booking.

For more information please contact a member of our Customer Services team.

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